Micromalthid Beetlesnot illus

Family Micromalthidae Identification: Resemble small soldier beetles (p. 162). Antennae short, beadlike, 11-segmented. Pronotum widest anteriorly, head slightly wider than pronotum. FW short, exposing 2 or 3 abdominal segments. 1.5-2.5 mm.

This family contains only 1 species, Micromalthus debilis LeConte, which occurs in the Northeast. This beetle is unique as the only known member of the order in which paedogenesis (reproduction by larvae) occurs. Larvae bore in oak that has reached the red-rotten stage of decay, or in rotten, yellowish-brown chestnut. Larvae are common in these situations; adults are very seldom collected, but they can be reared in numbers from infested logs.

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