Pleasing Fungus Beetle

predaceous on scolytids or scale insects (pp. 204, 137). Species of Conotelus (found in flowers of morning glory) resemble rove beetles but have clubbed antennae. Larval habits are similar to those of adults.

FLAT GRAIN BEETLES Family Silvanidae

Identification: Elongate, rather flattened. Antennal club 3-segmented, 3rd segment shorter than 2nd. Tarsi 5-5-5, never lobed. 1-5 mm.

Some silvanids occur under bark, others in stored plant materials (fruit, grain, meal, and flour). The most important grain-infesting species is the Saw-toothed Grain Beetle, Oryzae-philus surinamensis (Linn.), named for the teeth along margins of the pronotum.

SHINING FLOWER BEETLES Family Phalacridae Identification: Broadly oval to nearly spherical, dorsal surface very convex. Black or brownish, shining. Antennal club 3-segmented. Tarsi 5-5-5, 4th segment small. 1-3 mm.

These beetles are common on the flowers and foliage of various plants, especially goldenrod and other composites. Larvae feed in the heads of these flowers.

MONOEDID BEETLES Family Monoedidae Not illus.

Identification: Reddish yellow, antennae and scutellum black, and 5 long black marks on each FW. FW parallel-sided, a little wider than pronotum. Tarsi 4-4-4, 1st segment broad, flat, oval, 2nd and 3rd minute, 4th large and long with stout claws. Antennal club 1-segmented. 2 mm.

A single rare species is found in s. Florida, where it occurs on a species of milkweed that grows near wet hammocks along the coast.

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