Rhopalosomatid Waspsnot illus

Family Rhopalosomatidae Identification: Slender, brownish, 6-25 mm. Antennae long, each segment with 2 apical spines. FW (species with normal wings) with transverse median vein considerably beyond base of basal vein (wings very short in 1 species).

Two very rare species occur in the East. The larger has normal wings and resembles ichneumons in the genus Ophion, but the abdomen is not laterally flattened, the antennae contain only 12 or 13 segments, the trochanters are 1-segmented, and there is only 1 recurrent vein in the front wing. The smaller species (about 6 mm.) has very short and padlike wings. Larvae are parasites of crickets.

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