Scarab Beetles Family Scarabaeidaep 192

Stout-bodied, oval or elongate; vary greatly in size and color; antennal club of several leaf like plates capable of being held tight together; tarsi 5-5-5.

FLOWER BEETLES, Subfamily Cetoniinae p. 194

Body flattened dorsally; tarsal claws simple, equal in size; front coxae conical.

1. Trichiotinus affinis (Gory and Percheron); e. U.S. SHINING LEAF CHAFERS, Subfamily Rutelinae p. 194

Tarsal claws, at least on hind legs, of unequal size; hind tibiae with 2 spurs at tip.

2. JAPANESE BEETLE, PopilUa japĆ³nica Newman; ne. U.S.

DUNG BEETLES, Subfamily Scarabaeinae # p. 192

Robust, with strong, well-clawed front legs; sometimes with rhinoceroslike "horn"; hind tibiae with only 1 spur at tip; hind legs closer to tip of abdomen than to middle legs.

3. Phanaeus vindex MacLachlan; e. U.S. to Rocky Mts.

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