Snout Beetles Family Curculionidaep 202

Head usually with a well-developed snout; antennae clubbed and nearly always elbowed; palps small and rigid, often concealed within mouth.

BROAD-NOSED WEEVILS, Subfamily Thylacitinae p. 202 Beak short, squarish, often widened toward tip; mandibles with a small cusp that breaks off and leaves a scar; grooves in beak for antennae bent down at rear end; basal antennal segment at rest passes below eye.

1. Scythropus elegans (Couper); N. America.

Subfamily Cyladinae p. 202

Antlike, 5-6 mm.; pronotum reddish, FW blue-black; antennae not elbowed, last segment long and swollen.

2. SWEETPOTATO WEEVIL, Cylas formicarius elegantulus (Summers), cf; Florida to Texas.

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