Softwinged Flower Beetlessee also PL

Families Malachiidae and Dasytidae

Identification: FW broadest posteriorly. Body wedge-shaped, soft, often with erect hair. Antennae serrate or threadlike, basal segments sometimes enlarged. Black, dark blue, or green, often with orange, yellow, or red. 1.5-7.0 mm.

Adults of these 2 families are fairly common on flowers and vegetation. Some feed on pollen, others are predaceous. Malachiidae differ from Dasytidae in having protrusible vesicles along the sides of the abdomen, and in bearing a lobe beneath each tarsal claw.

MINUTE TREE-FUNGUS BEETLES Family Cisidae Identification: Elongate, cylindrical, head concealed from above. Brownish, body with erect pubescence. Tarsi 4-4-4, 1st 3 segments short. Antennae with a 3-segmented club. Pronotum and/or head sometimes with a horn. 1-3 mm.

Adults and larvae of this small family can be found in numbers in shelf fungi, under bark, and in wood. A few species occur in galleries of bark beetles (Scolytidae).

BARK-GNAWING BEETLES Family Ostomidae Identification: Two body forms: either elongate-narrow, usually parallel-sided, head broad, pronotum and FW rather widely separated at sides; or oval or elliptical, head not broad, pronotum

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