Suborder Polyphaga

First abdominal segment not divided by hind coxae, its posterior margin extending completely, across abdomen. Prothorax nearly always lacking notopleural sutures. This suborder includes the remaining families of beetles.

Superfamily Lymexylonoidea

Maxillary palps enlarged in cT. Antennae short, threadlike or serrate. Tarsi 5-5-5. Infrequently collected beetles.

SHIP-TIMBER BEETLES Family Lymexylonidae Not illus. Identification: Body narrow, elongate, 9.0-13.5 mm. Maxillary palps of d1 long, flabellate. Antennae short, 11-segmented.

Two rare species of ship-timber beetles occur in the eastern states, where they are found in decaying wood and under bark. Larvae bore into the heart and sapwood of dead chestnut, poplar, and other trees.

TELEGEUSID BEETLES Family Telegeusidae Not illus.

Identification: Resemble rove beetles (p. 160): body elongate and slender, FW short and exposing much of abdomen; HW extending back over abdomen. Terminal segment of maxillary and labial palps greatly enlarged. 5-6 mm.

Three very rare species occur in Arizona and California. They are presumed to live under bark. Larvae are unknown.

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