Whites Sulfurs and Orangetipssee also Pl

Family Pieridae

Identification: Small to medium-sized, usually white, yellow, or orange, marked with black. FW with Cu appearing 3-branched, R 3- or 4-branched (5-branched in some orange-tips), and Mi stalked with a branch of R for a distance beyond discal cell. HW with 2 anal veins, and with or without a humeral vein. Front legs normal or slightly reduced, the tarsal claws forked.

Whites are white with black markings. Our most common species is the Cabbage Butterfly (see also p. 219), Pieris rapae (Linn.); its larva feeds on cabbage and related plants, and is a serious pest of cabbage. Sulfurs (Pl. 9) are yellow or orange, and our most common species have the wings bordered with black; some sulfurs are very common butterflies; larvae of the common species feed on clovers. Orange-tips are small white butterflies that have underside of the wings mottled with greenish, and tips of the front wings are often orange; they are relatively uncommon, and most species are western; larvae feed on shepherd's purse and related plants.

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