edible, and in Mexico are considered a delicacy; they are cooked by frying in deep fat, and are canned and sold under the name "Gusanos de Maguey."

Macro-Moths: Macrolepidoptera, in part

Antennae threadlike or plumose. Frenulum usually present. 1A nearly always lacking in FW and HW. Fringe on anal margin of HW short. Tibial spurs short. Wings never lanceolate. Wing-spread usually over 20 mm. The 21 families of macro-moths may be divided into 3 groups: (1) Sphingidae — fairly distinct in appearance and venation; (2) Dioptidae through Zanolidae — Cu in FW appears 3-branched; and (3) Ctenuchidae through Drepan-idae — Cu in FW appears 4-branched.

Macro-Moths, Group 1

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