Case 2 Possible Sexual Assault

Specimens were submitted from the vaginal vault of an unidentified female found in Paoha Stream, Oahu, Hawaii, by hikers. At the time the individual was discovered, she was nude and had no recollection of events for the previous 8 days. Examination in the emergency room indicated some trauma to the genital area consistent with a sexual assault. The specimens submitted were identified as 3rd instar larvae of Chrysomya megacephala, measuring 15 mm in total length. Adjusting for normal body temperature, it was determined that it would require approximately 3.7 days to reach that stage of development. The degree of healing of the wound and the stage of development of the maggots indicated that the assault may have taken place 4 days prior to her discovery. Unfortunately, although the victim was subsequently identified, her memory of the 8-day period in question remains blank and no resolution was reached with respect to the possible sexual assault.

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