Conservatory Plant Room

Conservatories are warm humid habitats. Regular watering of plants also increases relative humidity. This would make the conservatory an ideal place for mites. Mites of the family Tetranychidae (Prostigmata), known as spider mites, are plant parasites and have been found in 24% of homes in Sweden (Warner et al. 1999). Soika and Labanowski report spider mites found on ornamental trees and shrubs, which may be used in a conservatory. Plants may also affect the environment for house dust mites (Soika and Labanowski 2003). Anyone who keeps house plants attracts also dust. Therefore, houseplants can also be a habitat for house dust and stored product mites. With ornamental plants comes soil and compost, which will bring their own mite fauna with them. Warner et al. 1999) found Cryptostigmata (Oribatida) otherwise known as soil or beetle mites in homes of asthmatic children.

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