1 Early Postmortem Changes and Stages of Decomposition 1

M. Lee Goff

2 Keys for Identification of Immature Insects 25

Patricia J. Thyssen

3 Key for the Identification of Third Instars of European

Blowflies (Diptera: Calliphoridae) of Forensic Importance 43

Krzysztof Szpila

4 The Utility of Coleoptera in Forensic Investigations 57

John M. Midgley, Cameron S. Richards, and Martin H. Villet

5 Phoretic Mites and Carcasses: Acari Transported by Organisms Associated with Animal and Human

Decomposition 69

M. Alejandra Perotti, Henk R. Braig, and M. Lee Goff

6 Indoor Arthropods of Forensic Importance: Insects Associated with Indoor Decomposition and Mites as Indoor Markers 93

Crystal L. Frost, Henk R. Braig, Jens Amendt, and M. Alejandra Perotti

7 Contemporary Precision, Bias and Accuracy of Minimum Post-Mortem Intervals Estimated Using Development of Carrion-Feeding Insects 109

Martin H. Villet, Cameron S. Richards, and John M. Midgley

8 Analysing Forensic Entomology Data Using Additive

Mixed Effects Modelling 139

Elena N. Ieno, Jens Amendt, Heike Fremdt, Anatoly A. Saveliev, and Alain F. Zuur

9 Toxicology and Forensic Entomology 163

Lucila Maria Lopes de Carvalho

10 Cuticular Hydrocarbons: A New Tool in Forensic

Entomology? 179

Falko P. Drijfhout

11 Exploiting Insect Olfaction in Forensic Entomology 205

12 Decomposition and Invertebrate Colonization of Cadavers in Coastal Marine Environments 223

Gail S. Anderson

13 The Insects Colonisation of Buried Remains 273

Emmanuel Gaudry

14 Forensic Implications of Myiasis 313

M. Lee Goff, Carlo P. Campobasso, and Mirella Gherardi

15 Climate Change and Forensic Entomology 327

Margherita Turchetto and Stefano Vanin

16 Future Trends in Forensic Entomology 353

Jens Amendt, Richard Zehner, Diana G. Johnson, and Jeffrey Wells


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