Data Structure and Coding

Data coding may sound a trivial step, but it is a rather crucial part of the data analysis! The forensic entomological data used in this chapter consist of length values, recorded every 12 h during eight consecutives days. Hence, we have 16, regular spaced, measurements in time (also called: longitudinal), where a unit of 1 refers to 12 h. There are three drug treatment variables; Amino_FZ (a metabolit of Flunitrazepam), Propofol, and Ethanol. These are so-called nominal or categorical variables, and take the values "with" or "without"; hence there are eight combinations of them. From each combination, we have six replicates, which by the way, are from the same batch. Finally, different larval stages (with values L1, L2, L3, and the postfeeding stage prior pupation L3PF) were also measured. Table 8.1 shows how you have to structure and code the data into a spreadsheet.

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