The science of forensic entomology has had a staggered and interesting history (Nuorteva 1977; Smith 1986; Erzinglioglu 1990; Marchenko 2001; Amendt et al. 2004). Its main application is the estimation of the postmortem interval (PMI), and Villet et al (this book, Chapter 7) highlight variables that affect insect development and in its consequence the calculation of this postmortem interval. Great strides have been made in basic and applied research, but there are many questions yet to be answered and there is still room for growth, as several other chapters in this book showed. While there is unquestionable the need for much more research to gather well-based data, there is also a need for quality assurance, standards and certification (Melbye and Jimenez 1997). In this chapter, we will discuss a selection of possible future trends in forensic entomology.

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