Living Room

The living room can contain comparatively large numbers of mites. The situation is similar to that in the bedroom, where soft textiles contain the highest numbers of mites. The highest concentrations are often found in the most commonly used sofa or upholstered chair. Curtains, carpets and rugs can also be refuges for mites (Sidenius et al. 2002). In Ohio, a living room carpet was able to hold seven times more house dust mites than a bedroom mattress (Arlian 1989). Stored product mites are found in living rooms where fungi can grow. 38% of living rooms contained stored product mites in the survey of Warner (Warner et al. 1999). Having an open fireplace in the living room reduces the concentration of D. pteronyssinus. Houses containing smokers tend to have decreased concentrations of mites in the living room (Luczynska et al. 1998).

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