Multivariate Approaches

Although there is a strong tendency for forensic analysts to be very specialized, we think that forensic entomology would benefit from a mulivariate approach. That is, combining entomological and non-entomological quantitative measurements in the same analysis (Schoenly et al. 1991). Examples of non-entomological postmortem phenomena that can probably be examined along with entomological data include RNA decay rates (Anderson et al. 2005), changes in the volatile organic products of decay (Statheropoulos et al. 2005), and algal growth rate (applicable to cases in which decomposition occurs in an aquatic environment (Haefner et al. 2004)). Here, there seems to be no reason why the mathematical and computer models developed for PMI estimation based on insect data (e.g. Schoenly 1992; Wells and LaMotte 2001; Byrd and Allen 2001) can't be used for non-insect data, as well. A combined anthropological, botanical and entomological analysis may be especially useful when recovering buried bodies (Galloway et al. 2001), but should be proposed in general as more tools could refine or confirm the results.

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