Pests such as mice, rats and invertebrates can inhabit pantries bringing mites with them. Warner et al. found mites of the order Mesostigmata, which are commonly associated with rats and insect pests (Warner et al. 1999). Mites that eat plants can also be found in pantries and kitchens. The families Tarsonemidae and Eriophyidae (Prostigmata) are obligate plant parasites (Walter and Proctor 1999). Binotti et al. found 9% of plant mites in Brazilian pantries, possibly brought in along with fresh herbs and vegetables (Binotti et al. 2001).

Mites, especially stored product mites, are also found in groceries in high concentrations (Harju et al. 2006; Koistinen et al. 2006). The same species of mites were found in different stores; over 60% out of 949 specimens belonged to the Acaridae (Acarus sp. and Tyrophagus sp.), which are common stored product mites; and just one house dust mite (Pyropgyphidae) was found (0.1%).

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