Pest Control

Another function of semiochemical studies could have great agricultural applications. Already baited traps are being tested and used to lure myiasis causing blowfly, Lucilia sericata, away from livestock in order to reduce the amount of sheep strikes (Ashworth and Wall 1994; Smith and Wall 1998). These often include coloured adhesive boards with a bait such as sodium sulphate and liver mixture or the chemical attractant Swormlure-4, developed to more efficiently trap the New World screwworm fly, Cochliomyia hominivorax (Diptera: Calliphoridae). (Freney 1937;

Mackley and Brown 1984; Hall 1995; Smith and Wall 1998; Fisher et al. 1998; Hall et al. 2003; Woolbridge et al. 2007). A similar technique could be used, and possibly improved, for use in slaughterhouses and butcher shops where meat must remain at a high grade and therefore free of any insect larvae.

As research continues in the area of decomposition volatiles, new groundbreaking findings will be made. However, insects remain the most accurate method of determining the post-mortem interval and, therefore, it is important that the two, in conjunction, are studied further in order to determine their specific link to decomposition and time since death.

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