Public Relations

The popularity of forensic entomology has escalated in recent years due to television shows (Dirty Jobs, "Skull Cleaner", Season 3, Episode 9; CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, "Sex, Lies, and Larvae", Season 1, Episode 10; Forensic Files, "Insect Clues", Season 1, Episode 45), magazine articles (Gannon 1997; Sachs 1998), newspaper articles (Birch 1992; Staff 2005), fictional novels (Cornwell 2003), non-fiction books (Erzinglioglu 2000; Goff 2000; Sachs 2001), museum exhibits ("CSI: Crime Scene Insects", M. Lee Goff, curator), and websites. Forensic entomology has been removed from obscurity and brought into the spotlight. Its popularity will surely continue to increase as more people learn about this fascinating science. Forensic entomologists need to take advantage of this period of enlightenment and tout the benefits of this unique science to laymen, crime scene investigators, and fellow scientists (e.g., pathologists, forensic scientists, entomologists). With more people involved, and more attention being given, resources will become available to continue research, investigative services, and outreach activities.

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