Authors who worked on coffins did not collect individuals of Silphidae. In very deep graves no Silphidae were found either. They are only described in shallow or very shallow graves (Lundt 1964; Turner and Wilshire 1999; Vanlaerhoven and Anderson 1999). Shubeck (1968) observed that a shallow layer of sand (2-3 cm) significantly inhibited attraction of Necrophila americana (Linné) to buried foetal pig carrion in Maryland (USA), as well as other Silphidae. He observed no individuals below 3 cm and few specimens at 3 cm depth, suggesting that ability for carrion beetles to reach carrion under shallow layers of sand was limited. Previously, Lundt (1964) reported collection of Staphylinidae (larvae and adults) from 2.5 to 50 cm depth.

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