Rhynocoris Rhynocoris lineaticornis Reuter 1895

Distribution area. Rhynocoris lineaticornis is known from Spain, Algeria, Morocco and Chad (Putshkov & Putshkov 1996). The only Spanish record is the capture of two males in Fuente del Pozuelo, near to the locality of Grazalema (Cádiz) (Baena 1985).

Habitat and biology. Populations of R. lineaticornis are usually scarce all over the distribution area. The two macropterous males of Grazalema were captured beating on Mediterranean bush vegetation. The brachypterous females must live on the soil, where are more difficult to be captured. Probably, hibernation occurs in the last nymphal stages, as it happens in other Rhynocoris Hahn, 1833 species.

Threatening factors. The two threatening factors for R. lineaticornis are bush fires and wood reforestation. It has to be taken into account that Mediterranean bush is very susceptible to fires, and human frequentation by trekking in the wild may increase fire thread. On the other hand, Mediterranean bush is a stage in vegetation succession to Mediterranean woods. Reforestation may be promoted by administration, affecting to the natural conditions of the habitat of R. lineaticornis.

Conservation measures. Survival of R. lineaticornis is linked to the conservation of the Mediterranean bush vegetation. With this aim, it is necessary to enhance the persistence of this transitional stage of vegetation by avoiding or reducing reforestation. Also, as the locality where the species was found is very close to a very frequented area of "Pinsapar of Grazalema", general information about habitat with examples of threatened plant and animal species must be given to inform the visitors and to avoid fires.

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