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Age of rehabililaticm (years)

Introduced ants are very difficult to eradicate: all attempts to eliminate fire ants in the USA have failed. We will see if an A$123 million ($US50 million), five-year campaign to rid Australia of Solenopsis invicta will prevent it from establishing as an "invasive" species. The first fire ant sites were found around Brisbane in February 2001, and two years later the peri-urban area under surveillance for fire ants extended to some 47,000 ha. Potential economic damage in excess of A$100 billion over the next 30 years is estimated if control fails, with inestimable damage to native biodiversity continent-wide. Although intensive searching and destruction of nests appears to be successful, all must be eradicated to prevent resurgence. Undoubtedly the best strategy for control of invasive ants is quarantine diligence to prevent their entry, and public awareness to detect accidental entry.

Age of rehabililaticm (years)

Sustainable use of mopane worms

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