2.1 Food insects at a market stall in Lampang Province, Thailand, displaying silk moth pupae (Bombyx mori), beetle pupae, adult hydrophiloid beetles, and water bugs, Lethocerus indicus (R.W. Sites).

2.2 Adult Richmond birdwing (Troides richmondia) butterfly and cast exuvial skin on native pipevine (Pararistolochia sp.) host (see p. 15) (D.P.A. Sands).

2.3 A bush coconut or bloodwood apple gall of Cystococcuspomiformis (Hemiptera: Eriococcidae), cut open to show the cream-colored adult female and her numerous, tiny nymphal male offspring covering the gall wall (P.J. Gullan).

2.4 Close-up of the second-instar male nymphs of Cystococcus pomiformis feeding from the nutritive tissue lining the cavity of the maternal gall (see p. 12) (P.J. Gullan).

2.5 Adult male scale insect of Melaleucococcus phacelopilus (Hemiptera: Margarodidae), showing the setiferous antennae and the single pair of wings (P.J. Gullan).

2.6 A tropical butterfly, Graphiumantiphatesitamputi (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae), from Borneo, obtaining salts by imbibing sweat from a training shoe (refer to Box 5.2) (P.J. Gullan).

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