The Importance Of Insects

We should study insects for many reasons. Their ecologies are incredibly variable. Insects may dominate food chains and food webs in both volume and numbers. Feeding specializations of different insect groups include ingestion of detritus, rotting materials, living and dead wood, and fungus (Chapter 9), aquatic filter feeding and grazing (Chapter 10), herbivory (= phyto-phagy), including sap feeding (Chapter 11), and predation and parasitism (Chapter 13). Insects may live in water, on land, or in soil, during part or all of their lives. Their lifestyles may be solitary, gregarious, subsocial, or highly social (Chapter 12). They may be conspicuous, mimics of other objects, or concealed (Chapter 14), and may be active by day or by night. Insect life cycles (Chapter 6) allow survival under a wide range of condi

The importance of insects

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