Apis Cerana And Related Species

Of the subspecies of A. cerana, the Asian hive bee, A. cerana indica is present from Yunnan in China through India to the Philippines. A. cerana cerana is in much of China, also the Himalayas, Afghanistan, and the Russian Far East, and A. cerana japonica in Tsushima Island and Japan.

After A. mellifera was introduced in eastern Asia, A. cerana became restricted to areas with native flora. Then in 1985-1986 colonies of A. cerana were taken from one of the Indonesian islands to Irian Jaya, also Indonesian but part of New Guinea. The bees reached Papua New Guinea by 1987 and islands in the Torres Strait by 1993. By 2000 they were found (and killed) in Brisbane, Australia, and strenuous efforts are being taken to prevent any further entry and spread of this bee in Australia because it would probably carry the varroa mite, a pest that is of serious economic importance to beekeepers.

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