Apis Florea And Related Species

The area of the smaller A. florea extends as far northwest as Iran. It has also been reported around the Persian Gulf in Iran and Iraq, and in the Arabian peninsula. It reached parts of this last area, and also Sudan, by the aid of humans, and people may also have facilitated its spread along the coast west of the Indus Valley. It is characteristically found in hot dry areas at altitudes below 500 m; in some localities it is the only honey bee that could survive. Its eastern range does not extend as far as that of A. dorsata, possibly because A. florea could not cross wide sea channels.

A. andreniformis, rather similar to A. florea, occurs in southern China, Myanmar (Burma), Palawan in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, and Vietnam. It is likely that some early statements about A. florea in these areas refer instead to A. andreniformis.

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