The Encyclopedia of Insects has an extensive system of cross-referencing. References to other articles may appear either as marginal headings within the A—Z topical sequence, or as indications of related topics at the end of a particular article.

As an example of the first type of reference cited above, the following marginal entry appears in the A—Z article list between the entries "Beeswax" and "Biodiversity":

Beetle see Coleoptera

This reference indicates that the topic of Beetles is discussed elsewhere, under the article title "Coleoptera," which is the name of the order including this group.

An example of the second type, a cross-reference at the end of an article, can be found in the entry "DDT." This article concludes with the statement:

See Also the Following Articles

Insecticides • Integrated Pest Management • Pollution

This reference indicates that these three related articles all provide some additional information about DDT.

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