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FIGURE 1 Patterns of meals taken by a caterpillar and a locust. Periods of feeding are shown by black bars. Notice that short pauses sometimes occur within meals, but the intervals between meals are markedly longer. (A) A final stage larva of M. sexta feeding on tobacco leaves. [Reproduced, with permission, from Reynolds, S. E., Yeomans, M. R., and Timmins, W. A. (1986). The feeding behaviour of caterpillars on tobacco and artificial diet. Physiol. Entomol. 11, 39-51.] (B) A final stage nymph of L. migratoria feeding on wheat. [Reproduced, with permission, from Blaney, W. M., Chapman, R. F., and Wilson, A. (1973). The pattern of feeding of Locusta migratoria. Acrida 2, 119-137.]

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