Pentastomida and Other Crustaceans

The remaining 264 to 1500 species of crustaceans are divided among six classes. Of these, only the ectoparasitic fish lice (class Branchiura), with 125 species, were recognized more than a few decades ago. Three classes closely resemble copepods—Cephalocarida, Mystacocarida, Tantulocarida— with the first two living in marine sediments and the last being ectoparasites of deep-water crustaceans. The class Tantulocarida is usually listed with 10 to 20 species, but some scientists believe that the true diversity is greater than 1000. Members of the class Remipedia are presently restricted to tropical underwater caves. Their long bodies with abundant lateral appendages call to mind segmented polychaete worms.

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