Flower Scarabs

Scarabaeidae, Cetoniinae, Gymnetini.

The most obvious members of this group are Gymnetis, slightly flattened beetles with a pentagonal shape (viewed from above) and colorful patterns of dark streaks or splotches on a dusky brown or greenish background (fig. 9.8d). The scutellum is also minute and sunken behind a triangular prolongation of the prothorax.

The similarly shaped but solid-colored, dark green to brown fruit beetles comprise the related genus Cotinis (18 species; fig. 9.8e). These feed on ripe fruits and are sometimes considered economic pests in orchards. The larvae are subterranean, feeding on the roots of grasses and buried humic matter.

The active buzzing flight of these beetles attracts attention, and they are often seen visiting flowers on warm, sunny days. They are probably significant pollinators.

Both genera are of general Latin American distribution and inhabit a wide variety of environments.

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