General Entomology

Entomology (Greek: entornon insect + logos discourse) is the scientific study oí insects. A general knowledge of insects and their arthropod relatives is basic to an understanding of their classification and biology in Latin America. There are many good reference works (Parker 1982, Kükenthal 1923, Grassé 1949) and entomology textbooks (Barth 1972, Borror and DeLong 1969, Borror et al. 1981, Coronado et al.

1976, Daly et al. 1978, Carrera 1963, Hay-ward 1971, Lara 1977, Richards and Davies

1977, 1983) as well as comprehensive treatments of anatomy, physiology, classification, phylogeny, development, and behavior. Because these works are thorough and widely applicable, it would be redundant and inefficient to repeat their contents in a specialized book such as this. The remainder of this chapter offers a synopsis of fundamental topics and an explanation of terminology to make the book more usable and instructive for general readers.

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