Precious Metal Scarabs 273

these specializations is unknown, but they are presumably used to confine and manipulate the female during courtship and mating. Hypertrophication of the male hind legs in this manner also occurs in other ruteline genera, such as Chrysina (fig. 9.9e), Heterosternus, Paraheterosternus, Macro-poidelimus, and (Moron 1983).

Both sexes have brilliant green elytra with gold or crimson reflections and a coarse granulate texture; the prothorax is similar but smoother. The legs are smooth, shiny purple to bronze.

Adults are found on leaves and flowers of arborescent vegetation in the tropical lowlands of Peru and Ecuador. The larva has not been described.

The natives of the upper Rio Napo make ear ornaments and necklaces from the elytra as they do from pieces of other shiny, colorful beetles (Reitter 1961).


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