The prominents are diverse and varied in the Neotropics, where approximately 1,500 species occur (Heppner in press). They are mostly medium to large (WS 4-8 cm) and stout and often have angularly lobed or elongate fore wings. Most are drab gray or brown, but some are cryptically or disrup-tively marked (e.g., Cliara croesus; fig. 10.10a); the hind wing is patterned like the fore wing. Their larvae (fig. 10.10b) are peculiar in their habit of arching backward strongly when disturbed, elevating both the anterior and posterior extremities. The posterior end may mimic a reptile head or have a pair of long, whiplike tails. The body may be lobed or bear odd-shaped excrescences dorsally.


Heppner, J. B. In press. Lepidoptera family classification: A guide to the higher categories, world diversity and literature resources of the butterflies and moths. Flora and Fauna, Gainesville.

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