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— Fig. 21.2. The gut of the — Fig. 21.3. Hind-gut of a termite, showing the rectal tortoise beetle, Aspidomorpha pouch, in which symbiotic Protozoa are lodged (from miliaris, showing two regions of the Wigglesworth, 1953). mid-gut, MS1 and MS2 (from Shrivastava and Verma, 1982).

— Fig. 21.4. A cross-section of the mid-gut (MS1) of the tortoise beetle, Aspidomorpha miliaris. PM: peritrophic membrane; PMC: peritrophic membrane cells. Other labelling of detailed anatomical interest; hence not explained (from Shrivastava and Verma, 1982).

secretory peritrophic

— Fig. 21.5. A part of the peritrophic membrane of Aspidomorpha miliaris (from Shivastava and Verma, 1982).

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