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Raghavan, S. Rajagopalan and A. Tompkins (1999). Trawling the web for emerging cyber communities. In Proceedings of the 8th World Wide Web Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland. (The Web, a body of approximately 300 million pages, grows at about a million pages each day. That the set of Web pages lacks a unifying structure complicates implimenting a conventional database management and information retrieval system. Index-based engines searching the Web have created giant indices allowing users to retrieve the set of all Web pages containing a given word or string. Such search engines are, however, unsuited for deeper tasks because any topic typically contains several thousand or million relevant Web pages. How then might we design a search engine to retrieve from all these pages only the pages of most value to a particular user How do bees extract specific molecules at separate locations from millions in the hemolymph )

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