Alternative control methods


Remove heavily infested plants or spot-treat them chemically to keep crawlers from spreading to adjacent plants. Wash off honeydew and dislodge crawlers with water sprays or mists. Inspect new plant material for pests before placing it into general growing areas.Starting with clean plant material will help prevent scale problems.

Chemical control

Spot treat if there are two or more adult scales or large numbers of crawlers per leaf.Widespread application of traditional insecticides will interfere severely with natural enemy activity. Insecticidal soap or horticultural oil will kill soft scale crawlers as well as exposed natural enemies.

Insect growth regulators are registered for use on ornamentals for control of soft scales and other insects in a preventative program. These have minimal effects on natural enemies. Azadirachtin,a commercial formulation of neem seed extract, is an insect growth regulator that can be used. It is sold under several brand names.

Green lacewing

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