Laboratory rearing of plataspid stinkbugs

For detailed experimental and biological studies, the insect materials of interest must be constantly maintained and supplied in the laboratory For that purpose, we established several rearing systems for Japanese plataspid stinkbugs, whereby the insects were stably maintained and bred at least for several generations . On potted plants of the soybean (Glycine max), nymphs and adults of many species including M. punctatissima, M. cribraria, C. sphaerula, B. subaeneus, and B. vahlii were stably maintainable (Figure 5 . 7A) . Potted plants of buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) were suitable for rearing of C. parvipictum For mating adult insects and harvesting egg masses with symbiont capsules, Petri dish rearing with pea pods (Pisum sativum) worked quite well and allowed easy experimental handling (Figure 5 . 7B) . These insects were maintained at 25°C under a long day regimen (16L:8D) .

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