Pea aphid and host plant utilization

The pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum (Figure 6. 1, Homoptera: Aphididae) feeds on several leguminous plants of the family Fabaceae, including peas, broad beans, alfalfa, clovers, vetches, and others . In the pea aphid, genetic variations in plant adaptation have been inferred by genetic structure analysis (Via, 1999, 2000; Simon et al ., 2003; Frantz et al ., 2005), performance analysis (Sandstrom and Pettersson, 1994; Via, 1999, 2000), behavioral analysis (Caillaud and Via, 2000; Del Campo et al ., 2003; Ferrari et al ., 2006), and QTL analysis (Hawthorne and Via, 2001) In these studies, plant adaptation of the pea aphid was generally attributed to the insect genotypes However, a series of our studies revealed that a facultative endosymbiont strongly affects plant adaptation of the host aphid

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