Phylogenetic placement of plataspid symbionts

A 1 . 5 kb bacterial 16S rRNA gene segment was amplified by PCR, cloned, and sequenced from the posterior midgut and the capsules of the plataspid stinkbugs Each of the insect species contained a single type of the nucleotide sequence, indicating that a single and specific bacterium is associated with each of the plataspid stinkbugs Molecular phylogenetic analyses revealed that the sequences formed a highly supported monophyletic group in the j-Proteobacteria . The sister group of the plataspid symbionts was identified to be Buch-nera aphidicola, the obligate endocellular symbionts of aphids (Figure 5 .9) . These results indicated that the capsule-transmitted gut symbionts of the plataspid stinkbugs comprise a distinct and coherent bacterial group in the j-Proteobacteria .

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