Preface to Insect Symbiosis Volume

Volume 1 of this series contained a foreword by the noted science writer Carl Zimmer and was dedicated to Professor Frank Richards for his pioneering work in paratransgenesis and symbiotic control . The second volume had a foreword from Lynn Margulis, the noted symbiosis pioneer, and an obituary of Professor Hajime Ishikawa, a pioneer in insect symbiosis, written by his outstanding student Takema Fukatsu This third volume has this preface and a dedication to the pioneering work of Paul Baumann in insect symbiosis, written by his long-time collaborator, Nancy Moran

The field of insect symbiosis continues to grow. As we write this, Kostas leads a consortium of European colleagues at the inaugural meeting of the symbiosis group to initiate funding in the European Union for research on symbiosis to discover new tools for pest and disease control in agriculture and medicine (Brussels, Belgium, March 2008), and Thomas helps organize a meeting called by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rabat, Morocco, aimed at finding new tools of biotechnology for control of desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria. Symbiosis offers one bright hope for a breakthrough in this historically difficult pest problem The present volume contains reports from outstanding laboratories across the field of insect symbiosis and includes work suggesting or hinting at practical applications in mosquitoes, tephritids, and termites . There are more examples in this volume of the influence of symbionts on the biology of insects

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