Prevalence of maternal capsule production in plataspid stinkbugs

We collected plataspid stinkbugs from all over Japan, and examined M. punctatissima, M. cribraria, B. subaeneus, B. vahlii, C. parvipictum, C. sphaerula, and C. japonicum for their

Figure 5.8 (Color figure follows p. 238.) Four representative species of Japanese plataspid stinkbugs, their posterior midgut with capsule-producing organs, and their egg masses with symbiont capsules

symbiotic system and capsule production . In all the plataspid species, the anatomical traits specialized for capsule production in the posterior midgut of female insects and the capsule production in association with oviposition were consistently observed (Figure 5 . 8), indicating that the capsule-mediated symbiont transmission is highly conserved among the diverse plataspid stinkbugs .

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