Selective upregulation of genes

Full-length cDNA library was constructed by using bacteriocytes that were isolated from a strain ISO, which is free from secondary symbionts . In total, 2,870 cDNA clones were sequenced from the 5' end After removal of low-quality sequences and contaminants, 2,344 high-quality sequences were assembled into 336 nonredundant sequences (246 con-tigs + 90 singlets) (Table 8 . 3) . BLASTX similarity searches followed by classification based on gene ontology (GO; The Gene Ontology Consortium, 2000) revealed that the bacteriocyte transcriptome contained significantly higher percentage of ESTs in the categories "amino acid metabolism," "defense response," and "transport" in comparison to two other whole body libraries (Hunter, et al ., 2003; Sabater-Muñoz et al ., 2005) .

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