Paratransgenesis takes biocontrol one step further by genetically fortifying microorganisms to become a Trojan horse and spread detrimental gene products through pest populations, such as subterranean termite colonies Living microbial agents can establish a self-sustaining, self-replicating, and self-perpetuating population that is transferred throughout an entire colony Paratransgenesis may become a technology leading to a paradigm shift in termite control as soon as products are successfully developed and environmental safety is guaranteed

We have established proof of concept for ingestion and transfer of genetically engineered bacteria by subterranean termites, and the long-term stability of gene expression in the termite gut using reporter genes We have developed a prototype of a Trojan horse using yeast that expresses lytic peptides, which kill the protozoa in the termite gut and cause the termite colony to starve Steps to increase environmental safety of the para-transgenic system are currently being developed These developments include the use of termite-specific bacteria, which are unlikely to survive outside the termite gut, activation of the toxin by proteases specific to the termite gut, and ligands to target the toxin to receptors on the surface of the protozoa

Oplan Termites

Oplan Termites

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