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How To Make Your Own Natural Safe & Cheap Cleaning Products Summary

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Degradation and fragmentation of ecosystems

Still very little is known of the effects of pollutants on insect diversity. Although in some cases, pollution impacts may be relatively benign, as in the case of detergents on dragonflies on the island of Mayotte (Samways, 2003a), there may be in reality three other factors to consider. Firstly, pollution may have a long-term effect that is not detected in short-term studies. Secondly, pollution can pulse depending on intensity and frequency of emission activities, and may go undetected unless the monitoring is taking place at just the right time and in the right place. Thirdly, pollution is very often synergistic with other impacts, especially fragmentation and threats from invasive aliens, making it difficult at times to pinpoint the pollution threat and to make recommendations for sound conservation management. Pollution effects can also be synergistic with global climate change (see Chapter 7). Both gaseous pollutants and increased CO2 concentrations are likely to alter the...

Ecology of the Gerromorpha

Typical habitats for species belonging to the Gerromorpha are the surfaces of all kinds of water bodies. Individual species show specializations for lentic or lotic freshwater bodies or even for life at sea. The legs are typically constructed to support the body on the surface tension layer of water the tarsi must be modified to spread the weight on the water surface and not penetrate the surface tension layer that must support them. Therefore, many of these insects die when certain pollutants that weaken the tension, such as soaps and detergents, are discharged into the water. In the United States, heavy alcohols have been poured on the surfaces of reservoirs in arid regions to reduce evaporation, and these resulted in decimation of the gerrid populations by

Prevention And Control

Several botanical derivatives, such as the pyrethrins, have low mammalian toxicity and are useful as flea powders for dusting flea-infested pets. Products such as flea soaps, which contain fatty acids, and flea shampoos can be used to bathe pets. Bathing removes or drowns many fleas, while those fleas that survive often desiccate because their integumental waxes have been removed by the detergents. Flea combs and flea collars for pets are also effective if used correctly. These collars should not be worn by humans (e.g., on the ankles), because they can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. Some progress has been made in developing vaccines against fleas, mainly using midgut antigens of the cat flea to induce an immune response in the host. In several trials, dogs, cats, and rabbits that were experimentally challenged with cat-flea antigens had significantly more dead or reproductively compromised fleas than did nonvaccinated animals.

Midgut Secretory Mechanisms

Like all animal proteins, digestive enzymes are synthesized in the rough endoplasmic reticulum, processed in the Golgi complex, and packed into secretory vesicles (Fig. 4). There are several mechanisms by which the contents of the secretory vesicles are freed in the midgut lumen. During exocytic secretion, secretory vesicles fuse with the midgut cell apical membrane, emptying their contents without any loss of cytoplasm (Fig. 4A). In contrast, apocrine secretion involves the loss of at least 10 of the apical cytoplasm following the release of secretory vesicles (Fig. 4B). These have previously undergone fusions originating larger vesicles that after release eventually free their contents by solubilization (Fig. 4B). When the loss of cytoplasm is very small, the secretory mechanism is called microapocrine. Microaprocrine secretion consists of releasing budding double-membrane vesicles (Fig. 4C) or, at least in insect midguts, pinched-off vesicles that may contain a single or several...

Minimal Surfaces are Stable

Having a minimal area of surface means that the surface stores minimal energy. Because surface energy is directly proportional to a surface area, as a result of minimizing the surface energy, the area of the film is least when compared to the areas of neighboring surfaces that might span any given contour. Surface-active materials such as detergents can alter surface energies. Much of a hemocoel's surface may approach minimality, especially as a hemocoel and its contained surfaces shrink. Interactions occurring on, against or within a minimal surface will influence the character and rate of activities on this surface.

Digestion of food

Although very alkaline values (pH 9-12) occur in many plant-feeding insects that extract hemicelluloses from plant cell walls, and very low pH values occur in many Diptera. High pH may prevent or reduce the binding of dietary tannins to food proteins, thereby increasing the digestibility of ingested plants, although the significance of this mechanism in vivo is unclear. In some insects, gut lumenal surfactants (detergents) may have an important role in preventing the formation of tannin-protein complexes, particularly in insects with near-neutral gut pH.


The method most often used to overcome the potentially harmful effects of these chemicals is to convert them into non-toxic or less toxic products. Especially important in such conversions is a group of enzymes known as mixed-function oxidases (polysubstrate monooxygenases), which, as their name indicates, catalyze a variety of oxidation reactions (Schoonhoven etal., 1998). The enzymes are locatedinthemicrosome fraction* of cells and occur in particularly high concentrations in fat body and midgut. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is these same enzymes that are often responsible for the resistance of insects to synthetic insecticides (Chapter 16, Section 5.5.).

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Healthy Chemistry For Optimal Health

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