This small family is closely related to the Pentatomidae, but separated from them by having two instead of three tarsal segments. There are several species that overwinter as adults in large numbers in peridomestic and domestic habitats. In Japan, numerous species occur around buildings or indoors, including Acanthosoma denticaudum, A.forficula, A. haemorrhoidale angulatum, A. labiduroides,and A. spinicolle; Dichobothrium nubium, Elasmostethusputoni, E. amurensis, E. signoreti,and E. humeralis,and Sastragala easkkii.

Elasmostethus humeralis Adults are about 11 mm long and the body is light green. The front wing margin and scutellum are reddish brown anteriorly; the wing membrane is opaque white. Legs are light green and the antennae are lightly banded. This species commonly overwinters around the perimeter of buildings in Japan, and occasionally occurs indoors.

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