This family is represented by several genera that occur in Australia, New Zealand, and South America. Some genera in the family Amaurobiidae have been transferred to this family.

Metaltella simoni Males are 7-8.5 mm long and females are 8-9 mm long. Male carapace and legs are yellow to yellowish orange; the carapace is dark anteriorly and the legs are dark distally. Female carapace and legs are brown. The abdomen of both sexes is mottled gray with four irregular white stripes on the venter. Natural habitats include under logs in forested areas, under bark, and under boards. In the urban environment, it occurs in outside crevices and corners of buildings. Males may be found wandering indoors. This species is native to Uruguay and Argentina. M. simoni was first recorded in the USA in Louisiana in 1994. It has spread to Alberta, Canada and southern California (Riverside, San Bernardino county, San Diego county).

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