These beetles are 3-12 mm long and have a large head and narrow thorax; they are sometimes considered ant-like in appearance. The majority of species occur on flowers or in foliage or debris. A few species of Anthicus are associated with stored-food products, moldy foods, and dead insects indoors. Common species include A. cervinus, A. ephippium, A. fivicans, and A. floralis.

Narrownecked grain beetle, Anthicus floralis (= omonadus) (Fig. 5.2a) Adults are 2.7-3.5 mm long, uniformly reddish brown. The head is broad and is wider than the thorax; eyes are oval and the antennae are clavate. The body is ant-like, with the pronotum somewhat oval in dorsal view. The full-grown larva is yellowish white and the head is light brown to dark yellow; the terminal segment is slightly sclerotized and forked. This beetle infests grain and dried fruit, and is cosmopolitan.

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