These bugs are predaceous on small arthropods, such as mites, thrips, and aphids.They occur on foliage, flowers, under bark, and in leaf litter. Some species live in bird nests. They are elongate oval, 2-5 mm long, and most are black with white markings. Anthocorids are distributed nearly worldwide. Adults of several species, including Lyctocoris campestris and Antho-coris kingi, have been reported to bite people indoors. Xylocoris species are associated with stored products in warehouses and bakeries, and they are known to bite people.

Pirate bug, Lyctocoris campestris Adults are about 3.5 mm long. The head, thorax, and abdomen are black, and wings are yellowish white. They often occur in houses and granaries, and in the nests of birds and mammals. They are known to bite people while sleeping, particularly those on bedding stuffed with straw or grass.

Flower bug, Orius insidious Adults are about 2 mm long, and have pale-yellow wings and a black head, pronotum, and scutel-lum. This species is widely distributed and usually found on flowers and other vegetation. Itis importantas a predator on the eggs and larvae of some pestinsects. Adults are encountered in gardens, or when people handle ornamental flowers brought indoors. The bite from this bug, and O. tristicolor, another common anthocorid, is very painful.

Xylocoris curistans Adults are 2.2-2.5 mm long and shiny dark brown. Wings are light yellow to dark brown. It usually occurs in the brachypterous form in which the wing covers extend only to abdominal segment 3. Natural habitats for this species include under the bark of fallen and rotting logs where it probably feeds on springtails and mites. It occurs in warehouses and food-processing sites, and feeds on stored-product pests. Infestations can become very large, and this usually results in people being bitten. This species is probably native to Europe, but it has been introduced into other regions of the world, including the USA.

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