Robber flies are characterized by abundant and long setae on the head and legs; their body is stout and the abdomen is pointed posteriorly. Some species are small and slender flies. Adults are abundant in many habitats where they are predators of flying insects, includingwasps, bees, dragonflies, grasshoppers, and other flies. The larvae of most species live in soil and prey on the larvae ofinsects. Adults occur in peridomestic habitats, and may be found capturing insects at lights at night.

Hyperechia spp. Adults are about 18 mm long and the body is black with a distinct pale white to yellowish white band on the posterior margin of the thorax. The head has long, yellowish white setae on the face; legs are black and have long setae. These flies resemble carpenter bees (Xylocopa) with their body coloration and long setae. Adult Hyperechia prey on Xylocopa species, and they are often found resting near the entry holes ofcarpenter bees. These species are distributed in Africa.

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