These lice are characterized by the presence of a maxillary palp. The antennae are five-segmented and strongly clubbed, and the legs are long and slender.

Australian dog louse, Heterodoxus spiniger Adults are about 2.5 mm long. The body is ovoid, and brown. The head is triangular, the mesothorax is quadrate, and the abdomen has eight apparent segments. A distinguishing character for this species is setae on prominent nodes on each side of the mesonotum. It is found on the domestic dogs throughout the world, and on coyote, and wolf. This louse probably shifted to dogs from the wild dingo, which frequently preys on kangaroo. The kangaroo is infested by the closely related but distinct species, H. longitarsus. The dog louse serves as a developmental hostfor the filarial nematode Dipotalonema reconditum thatis parasitic in dogs. This louse has been taken from dogs in the San Francisco Bay region, California, and it is a pest of dogs in South Africa.

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